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Hello friend’s, I’m Anishka. I was thinking of fetching next topic of the video, so I speak the people’s comments. Countless races ask me that they can’t find ingredients because of this reasons they can’t follow home ameliorates That’s. Why I want to bring home remedy such as the Ingredients you can easily find in your home, And that part is toothpaste. Now you must be thinking that the toothpaste is for the teeth, but I tell you that toothpaste helps to get rid off your scalp question as well. Let’s start today ,’ s. Video toothpaste contains 2 special ingredients which helps to get rid off our scalp difficulties. 1St is Triclosan and 2nd is Peppermint oil. Now I’m squander, Colgate toothpaste, you can use Colgate, toothpaste and any other brand of toothpaste make sure your toothpaste should be favor. Less and shade of toothpaste should be white. In today ,’ s remedy. I’ll share 5 ameliorates with you. So let’s start with the 1st redres. 1St relieve is Pimples Spot Treatment for this you need 1 2 tbsp toothpaste and 1 2 tbsp Aloe Vera gel mix, both the ingredients in a bowl and make a fine paste, Now apply this paste on your hickeys. With the help of ear bud or finger gratuities and is looking forward to three minutes after three minutes clean your face for best solutions. Use this remedy twice a epoch. Triclosan helps to reduce your zit Peppermint. Oil grants cooling and Aloe Vera Gel, moves moisturize your surface and for the above reasons, pimples come fade away. 2Nd remedy is Blackheads and Whiteheads Removal for this you need 1 2 tbsp, Toothpaste, 1, 4, tsp salt and few drops of liquid mingle. Both the ingredients and contribute few drops of water. Now, your glue is ready. Before applying this paste 1st, “youve got to” do steaming for steaming late towel in warm spray and crush it now tap your affected area like nose, chin and forehead, etc. Steaming will see your pores open and helps to remove your blackheads and whiteheads now apply this paste on your affected area and massage for 10 minutes. This will help u to get rid off. Blackheads and whiteheads. Toothpaste undertakings like a exfoliator after this wash your been confronted with the cold water, cold water helps to close your pores, which may not constitute blackhead and whitehead again. 3Rd redres is Lip Exfoliation during winters. Our lip get cool and rough. So today we do a little DIY for this. We need 1 4 tbsp Toothpaste and 1 4 tbsp rice flour now assortment both the ingredients in a bowl and make a fine paste. Take this paste on your finger and apply on your cheeks now start scouring, as shown in the video. If you clean your lip in a pout slot, it will helps you to realise your cheek cleanse and smooth after 3. four minutes clean your cheek with normal water. You can see this remedy occult in 1 implement now moisturize your lips with the help of lip balm and coconut petroleum. 4Th remedy is clean, Your Yellow Nails, Sometimes your nails, get yellowish with the cause of doing house occupations and apply countless types of nail pant. So today I’bring for you a supernatural panacea which helps to get rid off, Yellow tacks at home for this 1 4 tsp Colgate and 1 4 tsp Lemon Juice mix, both the ingredients in a bowl and make a paste apply. This paste on your tacks. Wait for 5 minutes Now wet your tacks and start cleaning with help of loofah or graze for 3 minutes after scouring, dry your hand with the normal water and apply some moisturizer on your hands. Do this twice a few weeks for best decisions? 5Th remedy is Dark Smudge. Treatment: 1 4 tsp Colgate, 1, 4 tsp Aloe Vera, Gel and 1 pinch of Turmeric mix all the ingredients and make a paste Now apply. Your gloom spots, affected districts entails, as shown in the video and left open for overnight n in the morning, clean your face with regular ocean for best causes. Use this remedy in thrice a few weeks, toothpaste, aloe, vera, gelatin and turmeric all ingredients are magically can reduce your night discerns. So this is today’s, video – if u like this video hit on like button and share this video with your friends and family? If u already agree, my canal, thank u so much! If u were not subscribe, my channel then hit on subscribe button do noting below. If, u study blue-blooded pigment is suits me or not, what’s your opinion do? Let me know by your statements. I’m Anishka will meet you in my next video till then take care and bye, bye-bye,.

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