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if this isn’t gonna change people’s lives if this is not gonna make a dent in the universe I don’t want to do it in this video I’m gonna share with you my top gratuities on how successful beings suppose and routine hey chaps I’m James Sinclair and in this video I’m gonna share with you the things that I do and all the things that we’ll have discovered successful beings do i improve 400 people we turn millions of pounds in our business each and every single year and I consider my thoughts and the behavior that I meditate has really cured flourish my business and hopefully it can grow your business too if you love videos like this about market personal increase success and business increment make sure you reached subscribe and that little notification buzzer so the bowels of YouTube can let you know well bringing that huge new material to grow your business so guys I’m gonna share with you now my favorite pitches on what successful business owners do to grow their business and the big one the big catalyst for successful people is genuinely mindset in the way they picture and the space they do things were the behavior they think so number one here’s what they do this is by far what every successful person does whether they’re employed they’re in senior management they’re a leader they’re a person in education or really a business owner entrepreneur it’s they think and they have the ability to think with the end in subconsciou most people don’t have this and this is the power thing if you’ve got this then everything starts slotting into sit if you know your destination you can really plan that expedition far easier so successful business owners ever recollect with the end in knowledge what does your business look like when it’s finished what’s the profits of that business what’s the turnover what’s the values the culture what orientations you are you gonna be a national grand if you can contemplate bigger you are going to get bigger things most people don’t think big enough and I just think that’s generated me a distinct advantage over most people I am thinking bigger than most people I just think well right if this isn’t going to turn a million pounds and make a million pounds if this isn’t gonna be a national firebrand if this isn’t gonna be a scale business if this isn’t gonna employ a great team if this isn’t gonna change people’s lives if this is not gonna make a dent in the I don’t want to do it and because of that bigger thoughts and the thinking that with the end in spirit I believe that we always win and that’s what successful business owners do let’s move on stage number two the largest leverage successful beings consider with leveraging and what is leverage well parties that are successful leverage their meter so they do jobs that are once that reproduce forever so I’ll write books I’m like in this video right now we’re gonna employed this video on YouTube it’s gonna be there for years so that’s a leverage day if you’re doing the same repeatable exercises so if you’re in operations row and you’re always doing customer services ever in an answer to emails always open it up cashing up always doing the operations of the business that’s unleveraged occasion we need to get out of the people to do that so that we can do the bigger picture stuff that’s gonna keep them people employed and that’s gonna grow our business that’s gonna grow our economy see if you’re in the running the business rather than the building the business stuff you’re always going to be in the same place all the time so I’m trying to always leverage epoch as I write journals all right a notebook I do the work once get paid forever or get the work done forever next one money they leverage coin you know some people will borrow money they’ll leverage that acquire that have equity in a property or equity in a business they’ll leverage that equity to grow their business and they are very comfortable about doing that I’m very comfortable of how do that some people have a real problem with their what some people have a real problem with exerting people that is a real establishes them feel uneasy I can’t wait to employ parties and I can’t wait to leverage money borrow money to grow our industries the last thing is leveraging of assets if you own property and there’s a big chunk of equity in it successful beings think well I might as well just take their equity and reinvest it to grow the business and crucially they feel absolutely cozy with the superpower of leverage if you’ve got a problem with leveraging that’s gonna be a real struggle for you to grow your business let’s move on so let’s just really go on this time leverage thing successful beings buy in time and what does that aim so you know if you’re doing tasks that are administration based like I did I simply buy in someone to help do that so I can do the bigger picture recalling substance that the person that’s make those enterprises doesn’t want to do the bigger picture concluding nonsense because well different we’ve all got different DNA and we need to respect the different DNA we’re not started out my first deliveries and though I exerted was a cleaner a concoct and a cleaner and miner because I didn’t want to do those things but the person that was doing the ironing desired unionizing my house and doing the emptying and stuff that gave me more is necessary to do sales and market I’d done that when I was 17 year olds because I had that mindset that this was the right thing to do so don’t be scared to buy other people’s time to compile your time more efficient and the crucial thing is successful people do that with ease they don’t even realize that that’s a big step for most people to do they just accept that that must be done let’s move on successful beings are unlike most people successful people can move on from a bad news situation here’s the quotation that really parts out for me don’t be acrimoniou be better see most people when people are let down they get acrimonious about it they want retribution they want to get one done over on the other person me I just think you’re gonna do me oh but someone’s gonna do me over hopefully only till I’m 85 year olds someone’s gonna do me over once every three months or formerly a year or formerly every other year don’t let me get that down I just think that’s a learning arc of life I’ve learned something from it I’m gonna be better I’m not gonna be bitter hey love even been really nice to parties after they’ve really let me down I’ve done me over try not to be bitter try to be better that’s what successful people do here’s the big thing that I always did you know when I was growing up and I said a lot I wanna own my own business the people closest to me that’s friends and family tell me about the risks of business ownership telling me about the risks of entrepreneurship telling me that it probably won’t work what I didn’t want to hear any of that stuff I don’t want them getting into my intelligence telling me troubles that could happen so I remove what I call the mood overs merely remove humor hoover’s that don’t let you get to where you want to be surround yourself by successful beings surround yourself by people most successful than you hey great Jim Brown saying check out Jim Rohn on YouTube great guy he always said you’re the average of the five people that you devote most of your time with so make sure that you surround yourself by parties smarter than you to help your smart game it’s a really smart thing to do you know Jim Rohn also said if you want me to show me you of your future show me your friends who your curve is around you non feeling Hoover’s the super successful parties around you are gonna help prepare you super successful it precisely labours so guys hope you love this video if you want to come see me live for free why don’t they come along to my business proliferation meeting I run this up one of my customs it’s a full afternoon in grabbing your business for free tried and experimented trash that I’m up to that’s actually developing my business right now beings have left rave reviews and they’ve really enjoyed thriving their business from coming to one of my meetings now in the video description I framed a little link click on the link and it’ll make you to a website where you can book long to come and see me for free see you real soon bye bye

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