Password Manager HACK that eliminates the risk of a master password!

– If you’re one of those people that wants to create a moresecure password profile for your online logins but you don’t trust password administrator apps to keep all of your passwords safe, then the double-blindpassword strategy is for you. Simply set, the double-blind password is a means of creatingand storing passwords in a password manager app that keeps the real password hidden from both the app and the subscribers. In this video, I’m gonna showyou is not simply how it acts but we’re gonna walk through how to easily implement this strategy for your most sensitive online logins. Don’t forget to subscribeto All Things Secured for more great online security tips and let’s go ahead and dive in. Okay, although thedouble-blind password strategy can be used on any passwordmanager app application, for the purposes of the this proof, I’m gonna be using 1Password which is the one that I use. You got to find attaches andfurther written instructions in the specific characteristics below this video. Now, let’s ogle exactly how the double-blindpassword strategy works.Pretend for a momentthat this box right here is your password manager app. Now, this app helps youto create strong passwords and not only that but it helpsyou to store those passwords behind a surmount passwordthat simply you are familiar with. Now, although theserisks are very limited, there’s the fear thatsomeone might be able to get access to your original password and therefore have access to all of your more sensitive logins and data. So what if you were totake this strong password and you were to add a peculiar ID that simply you are familiar with? In this case, you don’tknow your full password because you don’t know, you can’t remember exactly what the password administrator formed but then again, whatever’s collected here in the password administrator appis not the full password. And the greatnes of this strategy is that you get the benefits of having a password manager app without the risks of puttingall your eggs in one basket. Now, let’s go ahead, I’m gonna draw out my laptop and we’re gonna accompany exactly how this works in the real world.All right, first thing I’m gonna do is I’m gonna log on to Facebook. I’m gonna reveal you exactlyhow that would work. Using 1Password, it’s gonna come up and volunteer specific suggestions for login. I’m gonna sound that. The question is if I try tolog in with this password that it has stored, you’re gonna notice that it’sactually a wrong password and Facebook is gonna tell me as much. That is not a redres password. The password that you’veentered is incorrect.So what I’ve actually done is this is a double-blind password. So I have to actually add the four, you would do four or six, eight characters at the end of it that then constitute the password that the passwordmanager app put in for me actually be correct. That is the double-blind password. So that’s how a double-blindpassword works in practice. Now, how do you designate it up? Let’s do this again in Facebook and I’m gonna set up anew double-blind password. First, I’m gonna go into my Settings and I’m going to clickon my Security and Login. You can do this with your bank, you can do this with your email.I have it on all of my major logins. So I’m gonna click on changing password and I’ve got my current password that it’s gonna put in there. Now, I’ve already gota double-blind password so I’ve already got to get settled that in. Now, I’m gonna have the password overseer appcreate a new password and again, you’re seeing me do this. Trust me when I say thatI’m gonna change this. I’m gonna have it updatein my password overseer app. So it’s updated in thepassword director app what it’s put in there. Now, what I’m gonna do is I’m going to add in my added distinct ID that sees this an stronger and stronger password ’cause I don’t know, Ican’t remember exactly what the password managerapp put in there for me.All I know is my unique identifier. In the same way, the password overseer app doesn’t know my unique ID. And so I’m gonna save those changes and I’m gonna stay loggedin for all of these. And again, what I’m doingis if I were to log out and I were to try to logback in using that password, the password that is storedin the password manager app is the wrong password. It has to have that unique identifier. And so that’s what I’m gonna include in, this unique identifier that then says this ismy correct password. And that’s how you mounted it up. It’s not that complicated and I don’t gave it up forevery single password I have. It’s just for the most sensitive, my assets, my bank, my email and some of my social media. What I love about this strategy is that your passwordis never stored anywhere and more you still have verystrong, peculiar passwords for every single login that you have. That’s all I’ve got for you. I hope you experienced this video.Give it a thumbs up. If you have questions, leave a comment below. Thanks ..

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