HACKS on How to Start Video Content Small Business or Self Employed for Sales and Marketing

Kobi – This is a conversation for somebody who is thinkingabout doing video, they want to get into video, they want to get some help, we’re going to help them, we’re goingto go on that pilgrimage, in the first 6 months so you’re, we’re going to talk to this person about you’re 6 monthsdown the way, what have you learned? Lee – Okay, umm don’t be paralyzed by getting it perfect, precisely do it.You’re just going to have to do it and at the start as you say no one is watching so much anyway if you’re building a channelfrom scratch but I think that, just as humans and watching kind of reality TV we like to see people’s panics andand people mess up, you now it realise us feel a bit better and maybe by you actually doing that we think thateverybody’s going to think we’re stupid for doing it, were as the person watching it reflects, maybe I can do thatso they’re looking to you for muse and they’re probably considered that, wow they’re so brave underneath all that, and you think that they think you’re a fool.Kobi – I know they foresee I’m a fool, I am a geek, yep.Lee – They, but you just have to do it and you get better in front of the camera that takes a little while and umm, it’s justthat you need to start. Kobi – Yep, perfectly and I think that my top tips-off are, andyou know you’ve reiterated it but I say this to a lot of people perfect rehearse manufactures perfect, in the beginning no ones watching, and your harshest reviewers are watching you in the beginning which is your friends and family and they’re going to be likeall in and they’re going to give you feedback so when your friends and family stop commenting on your videosis when you’re actually starting to get the attention of the right audience so you’ve got to do it fairly that your friends and family stopwatching and that’s when you’re actually talking to the audience that’s you know going to hand over cash for your serviceslike at the end of the working day what we’re talking about is auctions and market we’re not talking, I represent any content it’s got to be monetizedin some way otherwise it’s a pastime right because it’s your dwelling movies for their own families or whatever so I thinkwhether you’re making a blockbuster movie or whether you’re just making audio visual video contentfor your business, like that’s who we’re talking to that no one’s watching, your harshest pundits watch in thebeginning which is your friends and family when they become hushed that’s when your public is starting to watch, that might be6 or 12 months down the line and then the last thing I’ll say there’s lots more to say but the last thing I’ll say is it gives 2 yearsit goes 2 years, there’s no shortcuts like your starting to get some traction now, we’re getting probably close to 12 months worthof video, we’re now at about 3 years with a machine that’s absolutely loping, perfect tradition clears perfect, yourimproving substance all the time, there’s fundamental things that we’re making changes to like the studio this morninggot a reset because we disappeared yeah the present working I feel more pleasant this is a bit more aligned with who we areit’s real stuff it’s not counterfeit substance, it’s real stuff this is a real thing now in the beginning it was the concept of acting as if and we werebeing chumps and we weren’t thinking about it now it’s a thing this is just us running this business and having theseconversations and disciplining out into other areas so it takes time and it’s like anything it’s like a brand-new skilla brand-new know it’s like little baby’s learning to walk it’s like going to school and learning stuff, it’s like learninga language, it is it’s like read a new language.Lee – And you, I consider for parties they need to keep in mindis that it’s a moving target, so you’re changing, the whole kinda world is changing clearly, the tech is changing, the backgrounds modifying the illuminations are are gonna change all the stuff that you pick up over the thing is goingto change, your business is going to change it’s a moving target. So you just have to start and move.Kobi – You do and then none of us are going to be the best in the world countries and so I think it’s about persistently improvingand incessantly looking at what’s the small thing I can improve what can I improve, what can I improve and then executing onthose thing, and prioritizing executing, sometimes I get a little bit frustrated with what we’re doing, and Jackknows this, it’s like causes simply do the contents, I don’t want to worry too much about the lamps and the camerasand how it ogles, and Jack is trying to give it a 5 star upshot minimize the post production because we’re puttinga bit more effort into the set up and I get that, but for me that becomes a struggle because I’m like my occasion is really preciousI’m trying to do as much as I possibly can and stopping for five minutes for the subtle accommodations, so then that forms me anxiousand I’m trying to produce the contents so I think that you’ve really got to ask the question, and I did this toJack at one point in time, I got you to actually sit in the seat and I sat on the otherside of the camera and he went awactually I’ve got more of an appreciation for it now.That was a swivel moment for us in how we cause our contentand I think that that was apart of Jack’s learning about how to actually do presenters feel more cozy and soif you’re going to come somebody to help you leant it together, than I speculate starting with somebody whohas got some experience to get you started, if you are struggling to start then it’s like a personal trainerget a personal trainer like us we can help that’s what this is all about we’re telling you we can help you and sowe’ve now come 3 years of know between us in this room in this machine if you like and we’ve learned a lotand we can help you not step in dog shit, perhaps pasture that out we can help you not see some simple mistakes andget you going and give you some confidence so we can do a knot of shortcuts, we can say this tech, this environmentthis sort of stuff, to give you the confidence that there’s a few mistakes that you won’t constitute in production.However, you cando it for free because the majority of members of us have the latest iphone, or the latest samsung or the latest device and somethingthat’s just one of these things, something like this with a little phone on it is enough, on your table, iphoneand the gratuity with that, the biggest mistake I determine beings procreate is theyre looking at the picture in the camera not lookingat the lense of the camera on the phone so if you’re gonna shoot content yourself with your phone, forLinkedin or Instagram or something like that look at the lens of the camera, like I’m looking at the lensof the camera right now and I’m looking at yu and I’m making look contact, but I verify lots of people draw that 1 reallysimple mistake they’re making nose linked with themselves. Lee – When you think about quality and we are offering ourservices to create content for beings, tone on social media now is the one, is the thing getting theexposure so we’re talking about reverberated and light-colored and expensive cameras and all that trash, nonsense that we can justscoot around the development phase and move into the quality phase and to promote things for the business andthat, the quality thing is what I envision and what I’m looking for when I’m pushing my own material, how can I improve the backgroundhow can I improve the lighting, we can talk about spec of cameras different trash like that, Jack can talk about how good the camerasare and all those types of things so you’ve gt tone and you also came mission target substance so now instead of time makingone interesting thing on yur phone and dumping it everywhere we can be specefic and targeted as to where I want to makea iece of content for LinkedIn or for Youtube or for where ever and then go after that platform with content and thenframing everything around how you film it for specefic material Kobi – yeah I think that’s really improtant to be shooting, creatingthe content for a specefic pulpit and in “ve been thinking about” that pulpit and most importantly when I’m talking to youdown this lens I’m actually thinking about you so I’m thinking about wherever you, where you’re sitting, whichplatform you’re consuming this material on, so that’s an important aspect, we will drop this video on YouTubebut I surely concur a better quality, it’s like a race car it takes a race car driver, like I can’t drive a race car, I can have a crack, but I can’t drive a race car fast I’m gonna grind the paraphernaliums and all that kind of stufffor a formula one car, so I think that’s important to review and clearly that comes at a cost so for those of you thathaven’t got the funds to spend then it’s going to take some time to practice and maybe get a little bit of help anda little bit of instructing along the way and that’s where we can help you and there’s a bit of season availabletp give some people free advice and give some foundation and some assistance so make sure you comment or reach outto us and we can give you some tips-off and ruses so that’s the flip side I guess is getting someone to support you onyour pilgrimage with coaching and that sort of stuff I think that the only other notes that I would start isaround the audience, your audience, your expectations where are they hanging out.Lee – So you’ve got the content, the stage and then the audience.Kobi – That’s right and I considered that the one thing that’s stuckin my mind for the last three years is trying to get more ad more refined at specific points in time to specifically talk to the audience so who is the person that you want to talk to and if you can name one person that has the attributesone person that you know their first name andtheir last name and you know where they are, wherethey live, where they work, all that sort of stuff maybe not where they live but where they make and their responsibility entitlement , not a generic, it needs to be a person in your system and actually appoint that fragment of contentfor that one person and then create another piece of content for another one person, name them, if you need towrite their specify behind the camera so that you are specifically talking to that one person, I’m talking tosomeone right now that I’m thinking of and they’re thinking about starting to create some material, I demand you tothink about your public, I require you to think about who they are, the word that you want to land with themand you are able to actually might have 2 or 3 different stakeholders or groups of people that you would like to talk to with yourcontent it’s very important to not is an attempt cover all of those four groups of stakeholders or five grups of stakeholderswith one video.

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