How To Growth Hack For Startups With Ameer Rosic

hey guys what is up so I really did this video with my friend Amir Rosic and I wanted to do an introduction to it because it’s like booze from a firehose for 20 minutes watch the whole thing if you’re an entrepreneurial industrialist you’re doing anything in business I guarantee you’ll get some nugget of information out of this it is definitely worth watching old thing I know it might be a little bit long over my touchstone videos but we comprised so much while we were driving I certainly hope you guys enjoy it leave a comment below if you have any other questions or any clarifying ones we’ll talk to you guys last-minute serenity alright what is up ladies and gentlemen of YouTube I am here today with my son Amir Rosic and we’re doing a little collab video today in Toronto time tying up for term we just did a video on his direct and this is his top spoofs for start-up business Amir Rosic is a start a cluster of her instruct serial inventor guys done everything kettlebell champion he’s been in jail he’s fixed “peoples lives” he’s ruined “peoples lives” things but he is he’s a very good friend of mine he obviously knows what the hell he’s talking about when it comes up to business and startups and all that substance so let’s hit him up and give him your best tips a reflect what’s gratuity number one for start-up spoofs for get show and changing your business alright so there’s a formula when it comes to actually getting resistance for your startup and it’s who what where how so who are you got to really define what your niche is what you stand for and what your neat selling hypothesi is then you got to figure out what you’re talking about because let’s face it the markets saturated it doesn’t matter what industry you’re going in whether that is selling a produce online a service someone’s been there and done that already so the carve out you know what you’re really are so people can differentiate yourself from everybody else the next persona is the where and this is the most important section when it comes to actually scaling or you’re hacking your startup because traditionally speaking this how startups direct you can have a bunch of founders that been working together they procreated elevates traffic they may get some angel investing or PC coin and then mostly what they do is they try to do brute force out there they spend all this fund to have you know a cash flow per month they do traditional type of marketing what I imply by traditional aim digital market the regular compensate media traffic content market yada yada yada at the end of the working day the frictions really slow the problem with that is I always refer it back to the movie Field of Dreams right he bit a baseball diamond it will come in the movie it wields but in real life it doesn’t work whatsoever it can invest all your time building out all you know this massive platform online no one cares that you exist so that’s where the where policy comes in is listen there is countless scaffolds online that your gathering already exists on for example let’s say you are doing a startup in the tech representation whether that is FinTech blockchain or maybe you’re been starting a new car publication a subscription model online where do people hang out once before saying auto subscription sits online maybe they’re looking at some car stores online perhaps they’re on reddit forums maybe they’re on all these different websites so what you need to do is you need to infiltrate these communities so let’s say reddit you would actually spend about an hour per day as one of the purposes of the tribe adding value inside the reddit group answering questions inside the reddit group and for you to actually be assimilated and for them to actually consider you one of the purposes of their tribe because read it’s one of those crazy revolutionary organizations that if you just go in there and you descend any connections they are able to swarm you and kick you out and you’re done for life it’s a no bueno nonetheless if you’re already there like a month or two months pre hang and actually computing ethic and then you would come around like hey guys I crave your opinion on this we’re about to do a beta start on this brand new car subscription model I love your feedback on it so various kinds of like a soft sell asking their opinion on it I “re supposed” merely madly go and lowering a link if you do this right man you can get like boatloads of traffic you can get like ten thousand twenty thousand I symbolize watched campaigns that they’ve had 100,000 ten-strikes on their website within an hour no you know it’s coin you have to spend to get a hundred thousand strikes on your website and what’s key about this you’re not getting a hundred thousand random beings you’re getting a hundred thousand people who give a about automobiles yeah but it’s got to be tone well I don’t know what you’re talking about you got atom like you got to give me your best stuff yeah absolute best cloth because if it’s you know you’ll held up on something or it’s you’ll get bitch-slap yeah you will you got to be the criminal creme you know parties are fed up with ascertaining passable nonsense and if you are mediocre you’re gonna be drown in with everybody else you gotta stand out from everybody else and be the best of the best so that’s one tip a second tip hold on a sec “ve missed you” question about venture capital share it cuz they get people that ask about seed uppercase venture capital you know a lot about this so you’re still bit of a hack on that one you want to borrow money from investors or or what like what’s the story it’s all event reliance in the context really matters I’ll give you example if you are considering developing an app in the FinTech world or some have to be the next big thing you’re pretty much guaranteed that you need to get VC money the amount of money that you need to develop the teams the developers the marketing budget outreach you have to have venture capital money most people they’ll do you know seed round Series A Series B seed round usually get five hundred thousand for it to take anywhere between 5% to 10% then you’ll time Series A Series B and at the end of the working day for VC venture backed ventures the founder traditionally is left with 10% and historically speaking about 80% of the founders from these vc-backed companionships are knocked out of their own company right so let’s let’s just let’s just hit on that again because that’s cuz that’s what I knew that you were gonna drive out right yeah yeah if you go on make money from cap from these venture capitalists you aren’t gonna own your business but no most of them be walking coming very little money if any at all yes or they don’t have any see of it so it’s just something to consider – yeah like for me – all depends like frankly if you’re really enthusiastic about doing the next tech firm don’t consider yourself to be the next Mark Zuckerberg he’s not even into 1% he’s a moment one of the 1% yeah so you seem the snapchatters the Facebook guys Google YouTube you can name all these different unicorns so recent unicorns uber Airbnb these are anomalies these are oddities that a the founders have some record they’re not newbies for example in uber Travis that people have been a successful entrepreneur because we’ve had two departures before he started uber and he’s been in Silicon Valley need depth heavily so it wasn’t him precisely popping an idea to his head ain’t not to mention the guy’s crazy you know he lost his uh his involvements because of we were the chaps literally invested like 24 hours seven days a week investing into Ober that being said let’s say you’re doing something more traditional as an e-commerce company I’ll tell you something little hack on e-commerce company right now especially in China China right now is trying to get their money or the country like crazy lot of of government mashed down so basically what you can do right now in China you can actually go to China in Guangzhou we’re pretty much 80% of the world’s information so be taken into consideration any single product you have I’ll bet my fund comes from Guangzhou so you go there go to the factories that you want to get your material from don’t go to Alibaba Alibaba you can just see what type of product you require so you find one product figure out the top two three plants flight to Guangzhou meet the owner and right now what you can do is you can actually negotiate a bargain that if you guarantee X extent of contingents that you can move they’ll actually give you consignment on this zero money down man and Amir knows is because he set up a garment corporation announced reparo with his brother that is basically underwear and stuff for guys and I think you guys doing girlfriends light to it blocks out EMP so Wi-Fi and microwave signals like that because it you know got to protect your balls right that’s right if it’s called or borrow so you can check that or if you’re interested in anything along that cable yeah so you can get that substance on loading and pretty much what you do to kind of test up your simulation so a lot of people for e-commerce because it’s a big frenzy right now particularly with Shopify “il just go” I rind I conclude for 150 is you know beings will go on Alibaba and you got a minimum order unit size let’s say for like attire you’re spending at least like 15 k for minimum dictate length that’s worth for you or else the margins merely suction you might as well do quit sending for less than 10% and now you’re expend 15 k you’re going on your own website and you’re like oh I’m just devoted 15,000 have not yet been clients now going to see waste all this coin on marketing to drive traffic to my website for convert on the other hand if you go to China and you get a consignment deal for free you can actually take that shipment send it over to something called FBA fulfilled by Amazon don’t even go on your own platform don’t go and Shopify right away don’t create your own WordPress site right away go on FBA send it over to anywhere communicate it to San Francisco Buffalo it doesn’t matter there’s a million FBA stores around the world you cast it over there they take care of your logistics they take character returns and listen everybody buys from Amazon right and if you’re in the FBA that means you’re under F Amazon Prime free send so if you order over twenty-five horses your products including that now this is where the beautiful part would come people aren’t Amazon every single day there’s billions onward it’s your job right now to do a little bit growth spoofing to drive traffic to your Amazon page get some early revaluations from your best friend give up free makes to beings and add our influencers get them to leave evaluates on your product and get this say if you have 20 sales in one week next week you have 40 sales the following week you have a hundred auctions that it’s validating your theme you know you’ve pretty much the only thing you invested in is a going to China be procreating relationships with the actual proprietors of the factory and see investing your time driving traffic to your Amazon page now once you’ve checked all these out and your make is what we call it the MVP or Minimum Viable Product formerly it’s confirmed bro you can now have invest heavily there’s no guesstimating one wants it it’s the it’s on requisition yeah you know Jean Schwartz if not the world’s best chocolate novelist of all time he territory it doesn’t matter how good your concoction is or you know can your product revolutionize the world if parties aren’t willing to pay for your produce it has molted this is man beings don’t give you money for what you’re selling it is except it beat it with a adhere and variant Six Feet Under and get rid of the business that’s right people run these ventures for years that they are only converged they don’t make any money and they prevent burning there that’s nuts that’s another thing on such on is of crucial durations an e-commerce most ecommerce a pre-tax profit is pretty low-grade because they go to Alibaba and invest all this money and if they’re lucky to get about 20% they’re like that’s the the cap 20% and if you’re thinking of flourishing 20% for e-commerce formerly you’re doing northward of a million dollars revenue it’s not that much tell you the truth right so you need to get your product at “the worlds largest” cheap rate have a high leverage product where the profit margin is high you don’t want to buy a produce for 20 bucks to sell for $ 40 there’s no profit margin you’re just squeaking by and a lot of fellowships are just we can buy you hear about revenue 10 million receipt great at a million dollar profit yeah that’s crazy so you want to have you loan I’ll say 61 fraction when it comes to e-commerce if you have a product for$ 1 you can sell it for$ 6 that’s a golden fraction the cover proportion so we call it the 1 to 6 ratio I convey the thing about Amazon too a lot of parties don’t realize this thing Amazon is more than only a delivery locate for yeah it’s like it is it is something like the fourth or fifth biggest search engine in the world now it’s a third yeah Google YouTube Amazon it’s bigger than Yahoo it’s better it’s bigger than Bing it’s it’s mostly Google Facebook YouTube and then Amazon right yeah and I mean that’s why I wrote a work and I positioned it on Amazon that’s why you wrote a journal you positioned it on Amazon it’s because you want people to find you there and you know find the stuff that you’re good at so you know put your on Amazon if you’re selling something I understand parties that sell it on Kijiji or Craigslist exclusively or on regional you know distribution places I represent like you merely reported it right it’s the going back to the form of the who where how to countless people’s fitness they bounce the where formula and they just focus on their own platform trying to build their own Field of Dreams so don’t pay a about your complete the dreams parties care about Amazon they’re on there every single day which takes me to my third hacker is listen bribe traffic is very costly online material marketing it’s a longtail frisk it’s very tough to do I’d say maybe only 2/3 percentage of firms online do content marketing well where they actually pack marketings they have a system of lead-in generation the content marketing packs for them there’s a startup that we know that actually did this on a shoestring budget they croaked from zero to thirty thousand mr our monthly repeat receipt in less than four months which one was that aspect it was a tech company good and it makes a little bit more for makes so I’ll give you I’ll give you the actual hack top to bottom say Richard and I we want to invest in a new camera business a new GoPro competitor to GoPro we go to China we source it we build relationships with the factories we would get consignment to say you know a thousand legions we go in Amazon it does well it ratifies our meaning now we’re gonna invest in our own programme if you go and Shopify we’re gonna applied some coin into it instead of us double-faced down on content marketing doubling down in digital sell right away what we do is we figure okay let’s buy ten thousand dollars of our camera and let’s hunt down all the main influencers in the world yeah and then you want to categorize your influencers in three ranks hotshots top tier one medium sized top tier two and lower and top tier three and you want to work up the ladder you’re not gonna do big shots you’re not gonna get Tim Ferriss says you’re not gonna get Oprah and are getting a celebrity’s help Justin Bieber you know how much Calvin Klein merely paid him last year in his contract twenty four million dollars you got twenty four billion dollars to wear jeans and wear jeans and underwear you die because he’s got because he’s an influencer he’s got these Instagram adherents and people look at his trash on Twitter and YouTube Kylie Jenner one of the Kardashians she has 30 plus million million dollars of those Cashin audience stuffs if you can build an audience it matters big time it season that’s so what the hell are you do is you work up the ladder you go to top three force was online like norsu who are some DJs who are some photographers who are some bloggers to talk about media to talk about photography to talk about videography mostly what you do is like listen we have this brand-new camera and we would love to give it to you you know let’s do an example because I affection speaking also on behalf of me – yeah Casey nine-step oh yeah yeah I don’t watch his vlogs but I’ve seen a few of them so I know his formation and why people watch them but beings mail him every day yeah and he often has a session if he’s in New York putting up the mail and he’ll get cameras and food and apparel and all kind of skateboards and electronic powered skateboards and all kinds of beings cast it to him because he has a huge audience so what you’re talking about like you’re rock-and-roll hotshots pc-9 placed if you had a new type of camera you’d want to send it to him and try to get him to open that on his see and maybe film some material on it or talk about it that is it exactly how you get picked up and there’s even like easier ways to do it like if you go YouTube the best for this so if you go to youtube video type product review unboxing quarterly you got any of those three keywords like that you’ll get a boat consignments of different parties doing different things and mostly what the hell are you do you find the contact information whether off on YouTube or go to their website and you exactly straight out email them if they already have a mailing address email them what a nice thanking poster and you can take it up a notch or boy Jason Gaynor formats prank talks he do this and this is if you want to stand above from everybody else traditionally parties send us big clunky Amazon box yadda yadda yadda and you have like you know a simple like printed word off your computer I’m like everybody does this imagine this imagine he been set up a poster that has a video in it no a video soul you open it up and it’s like hey it’s Richard Amir Casey we’re gonna thank you so much man we cherish what you do we’ve been following you for years what we have what we sounds is X Y& Z I hope you enjoy it man if you have any further questions by all means give out reach out and it’s on video no bro who do you think he’s gonna recollect us or so printed placard yeah you gotta stand out I don’t know who it was Robert Kennedy or somebody that was talking about Limpy forward yeah and one female yeah yeah everybody like opening hours regular mail in their mailbox at standard boring shits you got to stand out from the interference in the crowd it’s like you know when you’re driving down the street it’s like a Mercedes Mouse but you said oh look there’s a Ferrari yeah you know first and out for a ground you gotta stand alone late immense child dwelling see I did all the media marketing for Charlie Munger for his publishing companies and one of his tactics very simple he talks about the dream 100 schedules so you want to write down the 100 people that you love to do business with these are the top influencers and basically what he did is he had clonk email he were really send out a cute girlfriend you know what it’s called one of those things called Rubik’s Cube Rubik’s cubes goes with some like weird stuff that when it came in the mail to people and what the hell is this they had no choice but to open it up yeah and he made it customized he employed their word on it or you engrave something in it and that opened up the bonds that opened up a line of communication for him to further continue the conversation about hey listen we have a product or service and we love to get to know you and maybe do a joint jeopardize be addressed with you all right so let’s do one more tip and wrap it up yeah so the last tip guy is the absolute last-place gratuity when it comes to scaling on wrinkle is this it’s about having organizations so we talked about the formula the who what where how this is a system we talked about going to try now going to Amazon we talked about reddit we spoke influencers now you have to create this into system don’t merely wake up every single day and do different things you want to have a KPI so if you’re gonna concentrate you concentrate on one thing so if you’re doing influence or outreach you’re not doing the right thing you’re not doing anything else you’re spending full experience on this you’re expend 18 hours a day and you want to have a KPI every single week you want to determine how many parties did we contact how many parties did reply how many parties said yes and you want to keep track of this and you want to focus on a quarterly division yeah it takes time to do influencer marketing it takes time to do you know reddit marketing Forbes market industrialist comm sell you can’t be here you can’t be there can’t be all over the place Bruce Lee has a saying you know simplicity is the key to brilliance as well as he territory I don’t fear worker who’s practised 10,000 kicks I fear of soul is practised one kicking 10,000 ages so places great importance on one accomplish one and move on to the next it’s all about the passion all right so that’s my boy Mirotic I’m going to link to his path it’s a merely rustic on YouTube it’s got a ton of readers and some awesome content he’s very engaged with his audience so if you watch a video and you ask him a question he’ll definitely respond to you you can also follow them on Facebook and snapchat more seems to me yeah all right yeah it’s all out there humankind we applied all the links below in the video thanks for checking it out that’s my boy from a mirror no doubt humankind please talk to you guys later quietnes you

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