Episode 7: Get Professional Advice. Rob’s Business Tips from the Camino

Okay, so here’s, another business tip learned while amble across Spain for six weeks, and that is take advice. One of the things that happens when you’re on a really long march like this. Is you get injured? It’s, unavoidable yeah! You’re walking 20 25 ks today week after week after week, you get foot problems and joint problems and all kinds of things and what we did is we endeavoured advice from doctor, Podiatrist and physio and so on. Before we left, you know what sort of stretching could we do, what kind of taping, what sort of medication could we get away with, and when things cultivated up, we knew “what were doing”, particularly with regard to medication. We both suffered a little bit in foot knee problems in the last week or so, and we’ve had to take anti inflammatories and anguish, murderers and things, but our doctor have advised us exactly how to do that. You know with and without food the dosage, how often and all that kind of thing, so what the hell is that got to do with business. It’s very simple. If you’re going to undertake something that’s really challenging and maybe something you haven’t done before get professional suggestion, it’s well worth it. You.

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